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Testers for Hobby Growers

Combined Tester for hobby gardeners

Simple, inexpensive test device for the control of pH, moisture, and light. Measure whether your plants have enough water and light, and if the ground is suitable for the particular plant. The tester is suitable for plant pots up to 35 cm in height. The tester is plugged into the soil and reacts immediately. Works without batteries or electricity!

Evaluation tables are included.

Ideal for
  • resale in garden centers,
  • flower shops,
  • hydro stores, etc.

Item-No.: 40335

Moisture Tester for hobby growers

Simple, economic tester to check the moisture in the pots, balcony plants, etc. Only insert the tester in the soil and the needle immediately shows whether it is moist enough or not. Easy reading on the 1-10 ranging coloured scale.

No battery needed.

Ideal for:
  • resale in garden centers
  • flower shops.

To evaluate a moisture value table for about 100 plants is included.

Item-No.: 40330