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Mobile Ethylene Analyser

The Mobile Gas Analyzer F-950 measures levels of Ethylene, CO2, and O2 to maintain optimal produce quality at every phase of the supply chain.

  • Fast, precise and cost-effective analysis
  • Displays results in under 30 seconds
  • Past records stored on the device
  • Handheld and lightweight
  • Battery lasts for 8+ hours
  • Display easily viewed in dimly lit environments
  • water filter for removing non-ethylene hydrocarbons

The F-950’s versatile design allows it to be scaled to many environments, from cold storage to transportation container.

The F-950 is ideal for measuring ethylene production across a wide range of fruit types.

  • controlled atmosphere storage facility management
  • verification of ethylene mitigation systems
  • precision citrus degreening
  • headspace sampling for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) quality assurance.
Technical data:
  • Measuring range:
    C2H4: 0.5 – 200 ppm
    CO2: 0 – 100%
    O2: 0 – 100%
  • Resolution:
    C2H4: 0.1 ppm
    CO2: 0.01%
    O2: 0.1%
  • Accuracy:
    C2H4: ± 5% / ± 0.5 ppm
    CO2: ± 3%
    O2: ± 2%
  • Offset recalibration:
    C2H4: weekly
    CO2 and O2: 6 months
  • Span recalibation: 6 months for all sensors
  • PC interface: SB and Wi-Fi SD Card (4 GB)
  • Power source: removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Size 180 х 135 х 55 mm
  • Weight: 0.95 kg

Delivery contents:
the F-950 arrives with a hard-sided carrying case, two sets of batteries and a charger, a removable SD card, and several accessory parts. Included accessories: sampling port with needle for taking non-destructive samples from packaging, Closed-Loop Probe used for sampling from Jars, Potassium Permanganate Filter (KMnO4), PolarCept water filter for removing non-ethylene hydrocarbons.

Item-no.: 24070 – Mobile Gas Analyser F-950

Other models on request.