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Tensiometer with Digital Display

Tensiometer with digital display

A patented new plug-in connector ensures highest reliability. The conventional method of soil moisture measurement. The tensiometer is a device used to determine matric water potential, an indirect measure of soil water content. The tensiometer consists of a plastic tube with a porous ceramic or clay tip. It is filled with water. At the top of the tube is a vacuum gauge to allow visual inspection. The device is buried in the soil. When the soil dries out, the water inside the tensiometer penetrates through the tip into the soil until the soil is saturated. The vacuum inside the tube increases and can be measured by the gauge.

Result can be read digitally with a push-button. Battery for operation is needed(included).

Delivery contents: Tensiometer, incl. digital manometer, manual.

Item no.: 40033 – Digital tensiometer 33 cm
Item no.: 40043 – Digital tensiometer 43 cm
Item no.: 40053 – Digital tensiometer 53 cm

Instruction manual as PDF file.

Tensiometer with analog display

Tensiometer with analog display

The classic analog manometer (vacuum gauge) is still the mostly used measuring device of tensiometers.

Tensiometer 30 cm, incl. manometer analog
Tensiometer 60 cm, incl. manometer analog
Tensiometer 100 cm incl. manometer analog
Measuring range: 0-600 mbar

Further articles for tensiometric measurements on demand.

Item-No.: 40020 – Tensiometer 30 cm
Item-No.: 40030 – Tensiometer 60 cm
Item-No.: 40040 – Tensiometer 100 cm

Instruction manual as PDF file.