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Cuvette test

Simple and well-designed to prevent errors. Features include brief instructions and pictures inside the box lid.

Ready to use
Carry out the test without having to wade through complicated instructions.

Pre-dosed, ready-to-use reagents; no rinsing steps and reagent blank values; automatic evaluation.

Highest precision + safety
100% safe every step of the way: no contact with reagents, thanks to Dosicap Zip; completely reliable results with Addista standard solutions, round robin test solutions.

The measurement results are immediately available without any reagent preparation or carrying out time consuming calculations.

Environmentally friendly
The superior Hach cuvette reduces the consumption of chemicals. There is also a recycling service for used reagents, where they will be disposed of at our Environment Centre.

The closed cuvette system and reduced chemical quantities ensure maximum operating safety and reliable results. Packages and caps are colour-coded for fast and easy parameter and range recognition. The RFID tag on each box contains the lot specific Certificate of Analysis. In addition, the user will receive a notification if shelf life has been expired.

Cuvette test is used in a multi-purpose way for:
  • Transport
  • Dosage
  • Digestion
  • Reaction
  • Measurement
  • Disposal

Cuvette test 

*necessary accessories: 50 mm rectangle cuvette (item-no.: 90096)  /  **necessary accessories: thermostat

 Further tests for additional water analyses on request.