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  • 2018.08. - Seminar on plant nutrition for our Tunisian partner

Seminar on plant nutrition for our Tunisian partner

On August 30, 2018, Harald Braungardt, CEO of STEP Systems, held a second seminar in Tunisia. Approximately 40 employees from our Tunisian partner Cotugrain Impex and the company Hortimag extended their knowledge about plant nutrition.

The first part of the seminar dealt with theoretical basics focusing on the importance of rapid on-site determination of pH and salinity (EC) as well as interpretation of measurement results. In the second part, Mr. Braungardt showed various instruments in action, explained different measuring methods and compared them.

Especially in Tunisia with generally high pH values and high salt contents, the crop cultivation is very difficult, partly because of the high conductivity level of irrigation water. The STEP-Systems measuring technology will certainly help to optimize the plant production in horticulture by providing optimal advice to the gardeners by the competent Cotugrain staff.