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Innovations 2015

Efficient nutrition

STEP Systems presented at IPM Essen it’s new laboratory set for soil and water analysis.

German magazine Gemuese about the new LASA AGRO:

With the help of the Spectrophotometer DR 3900 for soil analysis – presented by a German company STEP Systems, all macro and micro elements in substrates, nutrient solutions and soil can be determined with laboratory precision.

For this purpose, the substrate, just like in a laboratory analysis, should be prepared as a filtrate, to be pipetted then into measuring cuvettes. A corresponding evaluation software provides fertilizer recommendations. “Especially for the necessary Nmin analysis, this measuring system definitively offers practical advantages,” commented Harald Braungardt, General Manager of the STEP Systems GmbH.

Magazine Gemuese, 06.2015
Author: Dr. Gizela Fischer-Kluever
Hannover, Germany


Unique workplace, combining High-tech with ease of use

Use RFID technology and trace your samples back to the sample location. All important information, such as the sample location, sample taker, date and time are saved on an RFID* tag on the sample bottle. And you can transfer this data to the laboratory in seconds using RFID* in the LASA AGRO 3900.

The ideal applications for the complete LASA AGRO 3900 workstation are particularly in:
  • Quality laboratories of peat and substrate production
  • Horticultural plant production, plant propagation
  • Research institutes
  • Horticultural and agricultural schools and universities
  • Local government sector
  • Agricultural and horticultural service centers

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