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Data Manager COMBI 5000

Make the most out of your datalogger using the COMBI 5000 Data Manager.

Managing and processing data can be time consuming, therefore we developed the Data Manager platform, which upgrades your COMBI 5000 to the next level. This makes it easy to overview your measurements and plant production processes.

Main features:
  • The web platform is accessible anywhere: Whether you are in your greenhouse or in your office, you will be able to check past measurements at any place with internet connection.
  • Compatible with the COMBI 5000 series: If you have purchased any COMBI 5000 kit with datalogger, your device is compatible with the new platform.
  • Easy upload and data handling: The Data Manager simplifies the serial communication workflow. You can upload all your measurements using the PC program with just one click. On the online platform, it’s easy to sort and filter your measurements based on value, type, date or even location.
  • Location and crop type management: You can create your own locations and mark where you took the selected measurements. This is great for long term experiments and comparison.
  • Optimal values: It is possible to automatically test whether your measured values are optimal for your plants. Set up your crop type and the platform will display which values were within the optimal range based on the COMBI 5000 handbook.
  • Spreadsheet export: The Data Manager is able to export directly into .xlsx, which is the most popular format for spreadsheets.
Data Manager 5000: