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Small and compact, the pressureless plastic cartridge provides with demineralized water of the same quality as
large ion exchangers. Ideal for small laboratories or for the supply of autoclaves up to a daily requirement of 10 liters.

  • Economic: 100% capacity utilization due to special water supply.
  • Safe: thanks to consistently good water quality without losses due to storage.
  • Environmentally friendly: due to the long service life of the resins and almost unlimited regenerative ability.

Delivery contents: incl. demineralisation cartridge, hose set and wall bracket.

Technical data:
  • Output: 50 l/h
  • Capacity: 425 l
  • Quality: 0.1-20 μS/cm
  • Installation: Wall unit with integrated holder
  • Display: analogue conductivity meter control
  • Dimensions (Ø x height): 100 × 600 mm
  • Weight: 3 kg

Item-No.: 21030 – Deioniser
Item-No.: 21031 – Replacement cartridge