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Sistema fotométrico LASA AGRO

1. Sample preparation

Sample preparation is an important component of the complete analyses. Only a perfectly harmonised system enables complex samples, e.g. soils, substrates, etc. to be analysed. The system LASA AGRO has perfectly been tailored to meet these demands.
The standardised sample preparation guarantees precise and reproducible analyses results. The prepared extraction concentrate can be used as digestion solution for all macro- and microelements.

Other extraction methods can certainly also be carried out and the user has the option to adapt the system which he is familiar with.

The extraction case (item-no. 20030) contains the complete equipment for soil digestions, e.g. solar balance, funnels, folded filter papers, and 1l extraction concentrate (item-no. 20037).

2. Photometer LASA AGRO

This is the heart of this system is the photometer LASA AGRO.


For mobile use we recommend the compact LASA AGRO 1900 with more than 200 pre-programmed cuvette tests for water, peat moss, substrate and soil analysis. The portable photometer unites highest accuracy with practicality for everyday use. The rugged waterproof housing is made in a shock tested design. The instrument has a large easy-to-ready screen and a simple user interface that makes testing easier than ever, even in the harshest conditions. Select the desired parameter from a list by pressing a button, insert the prepared test cuvette and start the measurement – that’s it.


The LASA AGRO 3900 is the ideal soil and water benchtop VIS spectrophotometer for professional use in laboratories. The new 2D barcode also details the batch number and the expiry date of the reagents. During the proven ten times rotating measurement process using the barcode reader, the LASA AGRO 3900 immediately picks up all the information on the cuvette. The batch number and expiry date are documented along with the measurement result.

3. Cuvette Tests

Ready to use and pre-dosed reagents make analysis a snap – no need for rinsing and weighing, results are calculated automatically in LASA AGRO. The cuvette tests are packaged in a fully equipped box and are therefore ready for immediate use everywhere. All cuvettes are labelled with a barcode which provides all necessary information for the photometer.

When inserting the cuvette in the photometer, the integrated barcode reader recognises the cuvette and the required wavelength and factors are adjusted automatically. The rotation of the cuvette during the measuring process makes operating errors and incorrect measurements virtually impossible.

Highest security level: The elegant and simple handling of the cuvette tests excludes many sources of error right from the start. The closed system of the cuvette guarantees the highest level of safety – for the user and his environment, even under adverse conditions.

Fast results: Cuvette tests do not require any lengthy preparatory work: preparation of solutions, elaborate calibrations or time-consuming calculations are not necessary, but are integrated into the test procedure – the measurement result is available immediately.

4. Evaluation of measurement results

Evaluation of the measuring results can be carried out in:

  • mg / 100 g soil for soil analyses
  • mg / liter substrate for substrate, peat analyses
  • mg / liter solution for nutritive solutions, drainage water, etc.

Based on tables, the interpretation of the analysis results for the different cultures is compiled specifically for each application. Thus, the current nutritional status of the plant is determined and a corresponding fertilizing recommendation can be made immediately. It goes without saying that we will also later contact you by phone or personally in case of further technical application questions.

An important component of the LASA AGRO system is the interpretation of the measured values. The evaluation using tables is a simple way based on the long-term experience of the official German Agricultural Investigation and Research Institutions (VDLUFA). For both horticultural and agricultural outdoor crops, the tabular guide values are given in mg / 100 g soil nutrient, either as pure nutrient (e.g. with N, Mg) or in the oxide form, e.g. K2O or P2O5. A conversion is no longer necessary.

The tables help to determine the soil class and provide information on the required fertilizer quantity. For substrate analyses, crops are divided into three groups with the respective nutrient target values and a calculation example in case of nutrient deficiency. All tables are included in the accompanying manual of the LASA AGRO system.

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