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Medidor de clorofila SPAD-502Plus

The Chlorophyll Meter instantly measures chlorophyll content or “greenness” of your plants to reduce the risk of yield-limiting deficiencies or costly over-fertilizing. The unit quantifies subtle changes or trends in plant health long before they’re visible to the human eye.

Non-invasive measurement; simply clamp the meter over leafy tissue, and receive an indexed chlorophyll content reading in less than 2 sec. Assess nitrogen needs by comparing in-field SPAD readings to university guidelines or to adequately fertilized reference strips. Research shows a strong correlation between SPAD measurements and leaf N content.

Technical data
  • SPAD Value: Index of relative chlorophyll content; -9.9 to 199.9
  • Measurement Area: 2 mm x 3 mm
  • Repeatability: within ±0.3 SPAD unit

Item-No.: 33200