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Kit de prueba de nitratos

Complete nitrate test kit for fast in-site measurement of mineralized nitrogen.

The complete test kit includes all necessary equipment for preparation and measurement of nitrate in soil, water and plant tissue samples. The measuring system has been applied for many years in agri- and horticulture and has been tested for a long time in various plant research institutes and academies.

  • Measuring range: 5 – 500 mg/l
  • Accuracy: ± 10%
  • Incl. 9 Volt battery, calibration solution
  • Indication of mineralized nitrogen in the soil (N-min.)
  • Indication of nitrate concentration of the plant / fruit
  • Indication of nitrate concentration of the water
Content of the complete test kit:
  • Nitracheck with standard solution
  • Portable scale
  • Plastic sample beakers
  • Round filter papers
  • Merckoquant nitrate test strips (item 33011)
  • Household mixer, for homogenisation of plant tissue samples, e.g.vegetables
  • Complete instruction handbook (German language) and operation manual (English language)
  • Rugged aluminium case

Item-No.: 33100

Instruction manuals:
- How-to-use VIDEO
- Nitrachek 404 as PDF file