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COMBI 5000 pH + EC

Conductivity meter and pH meter in one device

Simultaneous pH and EC measurement with just one device. The ideal combination for all users of hydroponic growing systems, for consultants and salesman of liquid fertilizers, fertilizer mixers, etc.

  • No application errors: The latest microprocessor technology enables automatic sensor detection: each time the probe is changed, the instrument automatically switches to the corresponding measuring mode.
  • Easy-to-use: The automatic buffer recognition during calibration also ensures a high level of operating convenience and additional safety.
  • Fast on: Simply exchange probes during the measurement without a re-start.
  • Save time: Simultaneous measurement of different parameters.
  • Always ready to go: The unit is delivered in a sturdy aluminium case, with all accessories stored safely and within reach.
  • Multilingual: Easy to understand menu is available in three languages: German, English and Russian.
  • Smart: Evaluation via the COMBI 5000 app provides quick and easy storage and interpretation of pH measured values for different plants.
pH measurement

pH measurement

Technical data:
  • Housing: splash-proof, rugged
  • Connector: BNC plug and 8-pin-plug
  • Power: > 4000 measurements, 9-Volt-battery
  • Display: alphanumeric, reflective
  • Dimensions: 180 × 83 × 55 mm (basic unit)
  • Weight: 300 g (basic unit)
  • Measuring range: 0 – 14 рН
  • Resolution: 0.01 pH
  • Accuracy: 0.02 pH
  • Calibration: automatic at рН 4, pH 7. Additionally at pH 10 if required
  • Probe: gel-filled insertion probe
  • Probe length: 125 mm
  • Application: pH-measurement:
    - direct in soils and substrates
    - in liquids, e.g. irrigation water
    EC measurement
  • Measuring range: 0 – 200 mS
  • Resolution: 0.001 – 0.01 mS
  • Accuracy: ± 2 % from measured value
  • Calibration: automatic
  • Probe: plastic with platinum sensors
  • Probe length: 125 mm
  • Application: conductivity measurement in liquids, e.g. nutrient and stock solutions
EC measurement

EC measurement

Delivery contents: COMBI 5000 pH+EC basic unit, EC-plastic probe with platinum sensors, EC calibration solution 1.4 mS and 111.8 mS, 50 ml each, special insertion pH probe, buffer solution pH 4 and pH 7, 100 ml each, prick lance, table for optimal pH and EC values, high-quality aluminium transport and storage case.

Item-No.: 10690