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T-Warner Planning Tools and Services

Frost Alert

The system provides a real-time warning function.

After individual temperature limit values are set, the station automatically sends SMS warnings to up to 16 stored mobile phone numbers if the values are exceeded or not reached.

This function can be used by several sensors at the same time and is of great importance for e.g. frost warning in fruit growing, viticulture etc.

Item-no.: ECOD3-Frost – Frost Alert Station

Irrigation Management

Water is a very precious and limited natural resource. By using different sensor technologies for soil moisture measurements (tensiometers, watermark sensors, FDR sensors, etc.) and by taking into account the precipitation, the irrigation can be optimized and controlled in an intelligent way.

Weather Forecast

Plan your work week and better organize your day, reduce and optimize your management decisions.
  • 14-days forecast outlook
  • 3 or 7-days Hyper-Local weather forecast data and meteograms with hourly resolution
  • Output hourly data for multiple forecast variables, including all the important agrometeorological variables, daily ET and more

Item-no.: IMETEO – Weather forecast, 1 year

Crop Protection

More than 80 disease models for more than 35 crops

The information about air temperature and humidity, precipitation and leaf wetness allow very reliable forecasts of mostly common plant diseases. The user of T- Warner stations has access to different plant disease forecast models.

  • Fruits: apple scab, fire blight pears: pear scab, fire blight, stemphylium infections cherries, plums, damsons, apricots, peaches, nectarines, and mirabelles: monilia laxa, shothole disease, leaf curl, rust
  • Strawberries: powdery mildew, botrytis cinerea
  • Tomatoes: early blight, late blight, botritys cinerea
  • Potatoes: alternaria, phytophtora infestans
  • Salad: powdery mildew
  • Wheat: rust, septoria tritici, fusarium
  • Turf: phythium blight, brown patch, dollar spot, fusarium, snow mold

Further disease forecast models on request.