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Climate Monitoring System T-Warner

T-Warner 300

T-Warner 300

For professional horticulture and agriculture

The weather station is used for early detection and warning, planning, control and management of complex meteorologically dependent processes.

With the automatic weather station T-Warner all relevant climate data such as air temperature, humidity, global radiation, precipitation, wind direction, speed, etc. are continuously measured and transferred to a secure Internet database.

The T-Warner system enables warnings for frost, heat, heavy rain, etc. via SMS in real time.

The basic unit of the T-Warner station consists of a stainless steel carrier housing, a GSM modem with antenna and a solar panel with battery. Power can be supplied via a 220V mains connection or, as standard, from batteries that are charged via a solar panel. This allows an absolutely free choice of location.

Owing to a wide range of sensors, each station can be configured individually.

T-Warner 200

T-Warner 200

Fields of Operation:
  • Measurement and documentation of microclimate data
  • Frost alert for orchards, potatoes, vineyards
  • Crop protection
  • Plant diseases forecasts
  • Irrigation control and management
  • Recording of temperature sums, cold periods, etc.
  • Temperature monitoring in the asparagus ridge
  • Temperature monitoring and control in greenhouses, optional: several sensors on one chain
  • Monitoring, documentation and control of light conditions in greenhouses (e.g. shading)
  • Monitoring, control of temperature and humidity in storage rooms
  • Fire alert
  • Temperature monitoring for strawberries under shelter
  • Temperature monitoring in silos and bulk stores

Technical data:

  • Sensors Layout: 6 fixed analogue inputs: wind speed, leaf wetness and rain gauge / 5 digital inputs: automatic sensor recognition, supporting sensor chains (max. 600 sensors)
  • Memory: 8MB flash memory
  • Internet Connectivity: GSMGPRS, EDGE, HDSPA, CDMA, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Satellite
  • Alert: SMS, user configurable via website
  • Measuring interval: 5 min
  • Logging interval: 15 – 120 min (user selectable)
  • Internet contact: user selectable
  • Battery: 6V, 4.5AH, Operating range: -35°C to 80°C
  • Solar panel: 1,4 Watt solar panel / dimensions: 135 × 135 mm
  • Dimensions without sensors: 410 × 130 × 70 mm
  • Weight without sensors: 2.2 kg

T-Warner Sensors Overview→

Model configuration examples:

  • Item-no.: TNS30 – T-Warner Basis: GPRS-modem, solar panel with accumulator, stainless steel housing, without sensors
  • Item-no.: IMT180 – T-Warner 180: Basic unit, temperature, air humidity and precipitation.
  • Item-no.: IMT200 – T-Warner 200: Basic unit, temperature, air humidity, leaf wetness and precipitation.
  • Item-no.: IMT300US – T-Warner 300: Basic unit, temperature, air humidity, leaf wetness, precipitation, global radiation, wind speed and wind direction.

Naturally, all stations can be individually equipped with sensors. An Overview of sensors that can be connected to the weather station →
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