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Wireless Data Logger RadioNode

Measurement of various environmental parameters and reliable transmission using unlicensed wireless radio transmission over a mesh network.

iMetos® RadioNode is a wireless data-logger that allows the implementation of multiple node networks in the field combined with GPRS / EDGE / UMTS Internet.

iMetos® RadioNode is a small, wireless, battery powered data-logger (battery life span of approximately 7 years) for in-field measurement of soil moisture, temperature, rain, flow rate, leaf wetness, relative humidity and other parameters. iMetos® RadioNode sends all sensor readings in real time through an interactive mesh network back to the base station, which is connected to the Internet. From there, data is transferred to the cloud platform via the mobile phone network. In case of risky situations, specific SMS settings can be used and instant warnings issued (frost, heat, irrigation alert).

  • Wireless mesh network
  • Availability of different sensors
  • Ease of installation, movement and operation
  • 300 to 400 meters transmission
  • Possibility to set SMS alerting thresholds
  • Integration into the Web platform