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Mini Data Logger 174H for temperature and humidity

The mini data logger for temperature and humidity 174H is ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity sensitive goods in stock. Also monitors in door climate of the bilding – continuously, securely and unobtrusively.

2-channel, incl. wall holder, battery (2 x CR 2032 Lithium) and calibration reading.
Additional longterm stable humidity sensor. Simultaneous display of temperature and relative humidity.

Technical data:
  • Memory. 16,000 readings
  • Dimensions: 60 × 38 × 18,5 mm
  • Measuring range: -20 to +70°C; 0 – 100% RH
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C; ±3% RH
  • Resolution: 0.1°C; 0.1% RH

Item-No.: 34080 – Starter set 147H, incl. interface
Item-No.: 34084 – Starter set 147H, basic unit