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  • 2017.11. - Meteorological stations installed to help farmers in Uzbekistan

Meteorological stations installed to help farmers in Uzbekistan

STEP Systems GmbH, as supplier of agricultural meteorological equipment, within the framework of the joint project of Chamber of Commerce and Industry and UNDP “Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase III)” has installed meteorological stations in the Tashkent region, Uzbekistan.

Marjan Karlovic, technical advisor of STEP Systems, visited Uzbekistan to conduct on-site installation of the T-WARNER 300 weather stations and training on operating and maintenance of weather stations, weather and crop disease forecasting models in target districts of Tashkent region, Uzbekistan.

These stations are equipped with several sensors to measure the amount of precipitation, air and soil temperature, humidity of air soil and leaf, wind speed and direction. Based on the collected data, the special software calculates the risk of breaking out of diseases and pests, and the date of preventive treatment by means of protection, as well as the time and intensity of irrigation.

In the farm territory of the “Gold Dried Fruits” LLC in “Yangiobod” Rural Citizens’ Council there were 21 people gathered to participate in the seminar representing specialists of partner organization, orchard farmers from 4 target districts of the Tashkent region, farmers and specialists of “Aid for Trade” project from Namangan.

The successful implementation of the pilot project will serve as a basis for its replication across Uzbekistan and provide foundation for introduction of “smart farm” concept and full automatization of agriculture production process.