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Ethylene Postharvest Analyser

Ethylene Postharvest Analyser is an extreme sensitive ethylene measurement device suitable for ethylene measurement in fruit and postharvest vegetables.

Ethylene (ISO-name ethene), is a plant hormone that is produced by trees, plants, vegetables, fruit, flowers and tulip bulbs. Several cultivars of these vegetations are extremely sensitive for the presence of ethylene in air. Ethylene cause a trigger of ripening and is thus a stress-hormone that can cause irreversible damage to the stored product. Monitoring of ethylene gives information about ethylene production. This information can prevent unexpected rising of ethylene levels that are higher then the harmfull level that a product can handle.

Easy to use
The portable analyser can be used in any place or circumstances you like. After the measurement is started up, the measurement will be done in 5 minutes. With a simple press on a button a measurement is started. If necessarry the analyser can run in continuous mode. So every 10 minutes, samples are taken and stored in the internal memory. This portable ethylene measurement lets you know where ethylene is possible threaten your quality process. For example in storage cells for fruit, the ethylene can be reduced by scrubbing out the ethylene by filters. It gives on long term a better quality of fruit. An other application is ethylene dosing for potato storage. Dosing ethylene improves the quality of potatos. In several flower types very low levels of around 50 ppb will damage the flowers. For example, roses or phalaenopsis are very sensitive, and any increase of ethylene must be avoided.

Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser has an external option for an external low pressure gas bottle that contains calibration gas. The calibration interval can be determined by the user. With a calibration interval of 2 weeks, the calibration bottle can be used approximately 1 year.
The system is improved by the extension of the O2 and CO2 sensors, and the Web Based Monitoring software that transferred data fully automatically. A GPRS, UMTS or Ethernet modem is standard included.

Technical data:

  • Measurement ranges available:
    Version 1: 0-5000 ppb ethylene resolution 1 ppb max. inaccuracy ±0.3‰
    Version 2: 0-500 ppm resolution 0.1 ppm max. inaccuracy ±0.3 ‰
  • Sample speed: 180-7200 seconds per cell (Start command by button or automatic program)
  • Inputs / outputs flow: combined Input 1 / zero input / calibration input
  • Material of housing: stainless steel IP62 rack mount housing
  • Standards: NEN-EN-IEC 61000-6-1 up to 4, CE
  • Operation modes: measurements, dosing, standby, flushing or real-time measurement mode
  • Signals / alarms: ppb / ppm hysteresis adjustable on relays (programmable per function), status messages, power, failure
  • Data collection: by internal database with date time for 6700 records, software enclosed
  • Service connection: serial RS 232 interface and RS485 interface
  • Battery Pack: lithium-Ion (Can be charged while system is running)
  • Charger: external charger
  • Supply: 110 – 230 VAC 75W
  • Working temperature: -10 … + 50 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 5 – 99%, not condensed
  • Software: included with graphs, tables data and time, suitable for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Vista
  • Languages (give up 2 languages at order): English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French
  • Control panel: intuitive menu with graphical display and backlight
  • Dimensions: 230 × 405 × 180 mm
  • Weight: 11.3 Kg
  • Options: external calibration bottle for manual periodic calibration

Item-no.: 24050 – Ethylene Postharvest Analyser
Item-no.: 24051 – Gas bottle for calibration