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Quality Assurance for soil analysis


Prerequisite for precise and accurate results is a permanent quality assurance. Only analytical quality assurance turns your mesured values into reliable analysis results. addista is the system with which you can check the precision and accuracy at any time. Regular checks safe guard the long-term reliabilty of your measuring system, of your handling and the materials you use (pipette, reagent, photometer, etc.). Standard solutions test the equipment used (photometer, pipettes, cuvette tests, etc.) and the user’s working procedures. Spiking solutions give assurance as whether the sample contains spurious ingredients that could falsify the result. Ring test solutions of unknown concentration are analysed by the user and the result is sent in. Working procedures and materials are tested in the ring test. Participation is confirmed by means of an inter-laboratory test certificate.

Item-No.: LCA 700 – Potassium, Chloride
Item-No.: LCA 701 – Iron, Copper, Zink
Item-No.: LCA 703 – Phosphate, Ammonium, Chloride, Nitrate

Further addista on request.