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School Reagent Case for Water Analytics

The VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case contains 6 reagent tests for 50 tests (colorimetric and titrimetric) of the most important water parameters. All reagents are approved to be used in schools in Germany (GUV- SR 2004 directive) and can be disposed of easily just down the drain without any harm to the environment.

  • Ammonium 0.2-3 mg/L NH₄⁺
  • Nitrate 1-90 mg/L NO3-
  • Nitrite 0.02-0.5 mg/L NO₂-
  • Phosphate 0.5-15 mg/L PO4³-
  • pH 4.0-9.0
  • Total hardness 1 drop f 17.8 mg/L CaCO3

Color matching with all-in-one color scale. Easy test procedures with pictogram instructions. Extensive manual.

Item-No.: 33400