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Climate Monitoring System T-Warner

T-Warner weather stations are universal devices and provide an early-recognition and warning function; they help to plan, control, and manage complex meteorologically dependent processes. The stations are designed for a variety of different tasks in different climate zones. The T-Warner can be equipped with up to 80 sensors, e.g. sensors for air and soil humidity and temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness, global radiation, etc.

The T-Warner instruments transfer measuring data wireless to a safe internet database. This is a perfect platform for data storage and processing. The user gets passwordsecured access to those data from any internet access point all over the world.

No additional software is needed.The T- Warner system only requires a valid GPRS contract for data transfer and sufficient GSM coverage at the station's position.

The T-Warner station is a versatile, modularbased configuration system and operates completely maintenance-free. It is powered by batteries which are recharged by solar energy. Many different sensors can be combined and connected to the station. The plug-and-play-mode even allows an easy subsequent extension of the station with further sensors.

The basic components of the T-warner station are the rugged, stainless steel mounting unit, the GMS-modem with antenna and a solar panel which is connected to a rechargeable battery.

Fields of Operation:

  • Measurement and documentation of microclimate data
  • Irrigation control and management
  • Crop protection, plant diseases forecasts
  • Frost alert for orchads, potatoes, vineyards
  • Fire alert
  • Temperature monitoring and control in greenhouses
  • Monitoring, documentation and control of light conditions in greenhouses (e.g. shading)
  • Monitoring, control of temperature and humidity in storage rooms

Technical data:

  • Sensors Layout: 3 fixed analogue inputs: wind speed, leaf wetness and rain gauge / 5 digital inputs: automatic sensor recognition, supporting sensor chains (max. 400 sensors)
  • Memory: 8MB flash memory
  • Internet Connectivity: GSMGPRS, EDGE, HDSPA, CDMA, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Satellite
  • Alert: SMS, user configurable via website
  • Measuring interval: 5 min
  • Logging interval: 15 – 120 min (user selectable)
  • Internet contact: user selectable
  • Battery: 6V, 4.5AH, Operating range: -35°C to 80°C
  • Solar panel: 1,4 Watt solar panel / dimensions: 135 × 135 mm
  • Dimensions without sensors: 410 × 130 × 70 mm
  • Weight without sensors: 2.2 kg

T-Warner Sensors Overview→

Examples for application

Irrigation Management

 Frost Alert

Crop Protection

Irrigation Management

Frost alert


Crop protection


Water is a very precious and limited natural resource. By using different sensor technologies for soil moisture measurements (tensiometers, watermark sensors, FDR sensors, etc.) and by taking into account the precipitation, the irrigation can be optimized and controlled in an intelligent way.

T-Warner weather stations send an SMS to up to 8 different phone numbers as soon as certain temperature sensor values are reached. Those threshold values can be set at any time via password-protected internet access.

The temperature alert service can be used for several different applications, e.g. for frost alerts in vineyards, potato growers, etc. Several pre-warning thresholds can be set. Besides frost alert, the heat alert in storerooms and for polytunnel cultivation is another popular application.

The information about air temperature and humidity, precipitation and leaf wetness allow very reliable forecasts of mostly common plant diseases.

Fruits: apple scab, fire blight pears: pear scab, fire blight, stemphylium infections cherries, plums, damsons, apricots, peaches, nectarines, and mirabelles: monilia laxa, shothole disease, leaf curl, rust
Strawberries: powdery mildew, botrytis cinerea
Tomatoes: early blight, late blight, botritys cinerea
Potatoes: alternaria, phytophtora infestans
Salad: powdery mildew
Wheat: rust, septoria tritici, fusarium
Turf: phythium blight, brown patch, dollar spot, fusarium, snow mold