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Cuvette test

Cuvette test: Easy to use

The reagent system provides a unique level of user friendliness in the form of cuvette tests, which have been constantly improved over 30 years. The cuvette test is a closed system – the required reagents are already pre-filled in the glass cuvettes. It takes only a short time, is simple to handle, provides a high level of user-safety and accuracy. The cuvette is simultaneously a transport, reaction, measurement and disposal vessel, and its barcode label serves as an important information carrier. This reduces all potential application errors to a minimum.

Fast results

The LASA AGRO systems does not require any time-consuming preliminaries, preparation of reagent solutions, calibration of the photometer or calculation of the different parameter units: The system provides a complete evaluation system with integrated units for soil, substrate and water analyses.

Highest precision

Reliable results in everyday practice, e.g. with exactly prepared amounts of reagents, convenient and safe to handle: Photometrically evaluated by automatic multiple measurements without further input. The LANGE cuvette test system has been accepted for a decades of years: they are approved for internal and external control and monitoring. All system components are subject to comprehensive quality controls: with the addista analytical quality assurance system and with the test equipment calibration complying with ISO 9000ff.

Simple: Pre-dosed, ready-to-use reagents; no rinsing steps and reagent blank values; automatic evaluation
Safe: The closed cuvette system and reduced chemical quantities ensure maximum operating safety and reliable results
Fast: The measurement results are immediately available without any reagent preparation or carrying out time consuming calculations
Environmentally friendly: The cuvette reduces the consumption of chemicals. There is also a recycling service for used reagents, where they will be disposed of at our environmental centre.


*necessary accessories: 50 mm rectangle cuvette  /  **necessary accessories: thermostate

 Further tests for additional water analyses on request.