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TDR-300 Soil moisture sensor

When precision irrigation decisions count, the FieldScout TDR Soil Moisture Meter Series offers growers a tool to eliminate the guesswork. Based on proven time-domain measurement technology, these portable units accurately measure soil moisture across the full range of soil moisture conditions.
The LCD display shows results in two modes: % volumetric water content or relative water content.
The calculation is performed by programming (calibration) of the unit to a high (water-saturated soil) and low (wilting point) volumetric water content of the soil. These points can be programmed variably, depending on the location and soil type.

  • Instantaneous readings of root zone soil moisture
  • Introducing the new FieldScout Bluetooth Device, connects to the FieldScout Mobile App, instantly see your data on your smart phone or tablet (more information below)
  • On request, the TDR-300 is expandable through a GPS unit
  • Equipped with internal data logger and RS-232 port
  • Records 3,250 measurements (1,350 with added GPS option)
  • Configure and download meter with Field-Scout software (included)*
  • Compatible with SpecMaps online web-mapping application
  • Includes soft-sided carrying case
  • Rods sold separately

Please specify the desired probe length when ordering.

Technical data:

  • Measurement units: % water content (volumetric)
  • Measuring range: 0% to saturation (saturation typically around 50% volumetric water content)
  • Accuracy: ± 3 % volumetric water content
  • Power: 4 x AAA battery, > 12 month
  • Sensor Length: 3.8 cm, 7.5 cm, 12 cm or 20 cm
  • Sensor Diameter: 0.5 cm
  • Sensor spacing: 3.3 cm

Item-No.: 40050TDR-300 incl. 1 set rods (length selectable)

Additional rods:
Item-No.: 40014 – Additional rods 3.8 cm (1 pair)
Item-No.: 40013 – Additional rods 7.5 cm (1 pair)
Item-No.: 40011 – Additional rods 12 cm (1 pair)
Item-No.: 40012 – Additional rods 20 cm (1 pair)