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Complete phytomonitoring system. By constant monitoring of photosynthesis it is possible to optimize for the maximum yield almost any controllable plant growing parameters, such as irrigation, application of fertilizers, light intensity, CO2 concentration, air temperature, etc. Find out more →


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In September, the FlowersExpo 2017 took place in Moscow. Special highlights were the MacView and Felix Instruments gas analyzers (ethylene, etc.). We are looking forward to seeing you at forthcoming fairs →


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Are you in search of a suitable complimentary gift? Just send us your logo and we will print it on thermometer, rain gauge, magnifying glasses or thread counters. Please contact us and we will be pleased to make you a non-binding offer. Contact form →

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Photo: Andreas Stubbe,

Photo: Andreas Stubbe,

Nutritional control of plant growth. Plants can only absorb and assimilate “active” (dissolved) salts. A low salt content means a low total nutrient supply. Their availability are influenced by… Continue reading →